Not always good to embrace the latest technologies.

I find it fascinating how the Event Management Industry loves to focus on the latest technologies, and perhaps miss the fact that for many events you may only be focused on an audience of early adopters

I’m a technologist, but I’m also very aware that not everybody especially in the more mature audiences own a smart phone. So focusing on Smart Apps for example would exclude many. In fact many don’t have emails, so Facebook promotions, email promotions will bypass these, so event organizers really have to know who their audience is, and the level of technology awareness. Many may have email addresses, but are very reluctant to hand them out, so what you gona do!

By all means leverage appropriate technologies, but cover your bets with a multi channel strategy. If you have an events platform, that supports smart Apps, but not SMS, then you may well be missing an opportunity. (More people can receive txt messages than support mobile apps)

Beacon is perhaps another example of bleeding edge, which for an early adopter audience may be completely appropriate, but not for a general family audience.

Contact us if you are interested in using Beacon technology in your retail business.

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