Office 365 customers report 154% ROI. Really?

Triple-digit ROI. Payback in 5 months. The Forrester Total Economic Impact report looks at how small businesses save using Office 365.

Posted by Office for Businesses on Monday, November 23, 2015

This sounds like total BS to me. Sponsored marketing by IBM.
1st, which small businesses run a server based office model? (few maybe Outlook) Most small business’s I’m familiar with have copies on multiple desktops. If a desktop goes down, then go to another desktop until it’s fixed. Very cost effective work around.

then there are programs like open office, so the 154% ROI is looking very suspicious.

Anyway, I’ve ordered the full report and will analyze, look I could be wrong on this, I’ve already been wrong once this year, but I suspect this will not look good for Forrester’s credibility.

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