Tech titbit! Windows 10

So you are sick of getting the upgrade to Window’s 10 pop-ups, and wonder if YOU are ready – maybe not!

Came across a problem last night when installing an new Windows 10 laptop with an external HDMI monitor. (Extended desktop)

Appears that the Windows 10 drivers currently assume that you are connecting your laptop to a TV, rather than a monitor, so automatically route audio from your internal speakers to the monitor.

Window’s 8.1 doesn’t do this.
It needs to be configurable.

if you are waiting for Microsoft to fix this, you may be in for a long wait.

Workaround, if your external monitor has an audio output jack, plug external speakers into this jack, does not work if you plug external speakers into your laptop audio jack.

Buy HDMI monitors with external audio jack, or built in speakers.

Don’t recommend updating to Window’s 10 just yet. Buying a new computer – Go for Window’s 8.1 instead.

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